Bruce Langhorne played electric guitar on all three of Richard & Mimi’s albums and also played the Giant Turkish Tambourine, which added an exotic flavor to songs like “Dopico” and “Allen’s Interlude.” He had met Richard during sessions for Carolyn Hester’s first Columbia album, and the two became friends. Langhorne’s influence on Richard and Mimi’s style was substantial. Mimi told Guitar Player magazine, “We were both highly influenced by the guitar of Bruce Langhorne. His whole concept of rhythm added a vitality that we wouldn’t have had otherwise.”

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Bruce Langhorne was one of the more demanded studio guitar players of the sixties. He was rooted in Greenwich Village, and helped to the carrers of many singer-songwriters of the folk era.

He’s been credited on albums of Chad Mitchell Trio, Carolyn Hester, Odetta, Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, Richard & Mimi Fariña, Tom Rush, Buffy Sainte-Marie, Gordon Lightfoot, Steve Gillette, Ramblin’ Jack Elliot, Hugh Masekela, Lisa Kindred, Eric Andersen, Hoyt Axton, David Ackles, Mike Blomfield, John B. Sebastian and Bobby Neuwirth, among others.

Fred Neil article with Bruce by Toni Ruiz & Henry Llach

Everyone had a different take on what the probable evolution of music would be in the ’60s when folk-rock was emerging, in essence. I think there was a total social phenomenon going on then. There was a real upsetting of the old order, so to speak. It started with civil rights in America, and a real revision of social values, all around the world. It was the start of the drug culture, for one thing. And there was a great deal…well, it wasn’t the start of the drug culture, of course. But it was…

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