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   Year Album Artist  Credit
 1962  Blowin' in the Wind  Chad Mitchell Trio  Guitar
 1962  Carolyn Hester [Columbia]  Carolyn Hester  Guitar, Violin
1963   Freewheelin' Bob Dylan  Bob Dylan  Guitar
   1965  Bringing It All Back Home  Bob Dylan  Guitar
   1965  Celebrations for a Grey Day  Richard & Mimi Fariña  Dulcimer, Guitar, Guitar (Electric), Tambourine, Vocals
 1965   Farewell, Angelina   Joan Baez  Guitar, Guitar (Electric)
  1965  Reflections in a Crystal Wind  Richard & Mimi Fariña  Arranger, Guitar (Electric), Tambourine
1966   Little Wheel Spin and Spin  Buffy Sainte-Marie  Guitar, Guitar (Electric)

 1966  Rainy Day Raga  Peter Walker  Tambourine, Bells
 1966  Take a Little Walk with Me  Tom Rush  Guitar
1967    Fire & Fleet & Candlelight  Buffy Sainte-Marie   Guitar
 1967  Mixed Bag  Richie Havens  Arranger
 1967  Steve Gillette  Steve Gillette  Guitar (Electric), Tambourine
 1968   Circle Game  Tom Rush  Guitar
 1968  Memories  Richard & Mimi Fariña  Guitar
 1968  Promise of a Future  Hugh Masekela  Guitar
 1968  Young Brigham  Ramblin' Jack Elliott  Producer

1969   American Avatar  Mel Lyman  Guitar, Bass (Electric), Drums
 1969  Avalanche  Eric Andersen  Bass, Guitar
 1969  Early Lightfoot  Gordon Lightfoot  Guitar

 1969  John Braden  John Braden  Guitar

 1969 Moonstone  Tommy Flanders  Guitar
  1969  Richard P. Havens, 1983  Richie Havens  Guitar
 1970  Best of Buffy Sainte-Marie  Buffy Sainte-Marie  Guitar, Guitar (Electric)
 1970 John B. Sebastian  John Sebastian  Tambourine
 1971  Best of Buffy Sainte-Marie, Vol. 2  Buffy Sainte-Marie  Guitar
 1971  Best of Mimi and Richard Farina  Richard & Mimi Fariña  Guitar, Tambourine
 1971  Joy to the World  Hoyt Axton  Organ, Fiddle, Guitar, Piano, Guitar (Electric), Tambourine
 1973  Five & Dime  David Ackles  Guitar (Bass), Guitar (Electric)
 1973  Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid [Soundtrack]  Bob Dylan  Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar
 1984  Bloomfield: A Retrospective  Michael Bloomfield  Percussion
 1988  Drums of Passion: The Invocation  Babatunde Olatunji  Vocals, Agogo
 1989  Drums of Passion: The Beat  Babatunde Olatunji  Guitar, Vocals
 1991  Planet Drum  Mickey Hart with Flora Purim  Percussion, Sound Effects, Vocals
 1992  Original Lightfoot  Gordon Lightfoot  Guitar
 1993  United Artists Collection  Gordon Lightfoot  Guitar
 1994  Big Bang: In the Beginning Was a Drum  Various Artists  Vocals

 1995  Big Bang  Various Artists  Vocals, Agogo
 1995  Dance of the Rainbow Serpent  Carlos Santana  Guitar
 1995  Dear Companion  Carolyn Hester  Fiddle, Guitar
 1995  Me & Bobby McGee  Ramblin' Jack Elliott  Producer
 1996  Clancy Brothers & Tommy Makem  The Clancy Brothers & Tommy Makem  Guitar, Vocals
 1996  Look Up  Bob Neuwirth  Piano
 1997  Best Of Celtic Tradition, Vol. 1  Various Artists  Guitar, Vocals
 1997  Chad Mitchell Trio Collection: Original Kapp Recordings  Chad Mitchell Trio  Guitar
 1997  Vanguard Collector's Edition  Various Artists  Guitar (Electric), Tambourine
 1998  Folk Duets  Various Artists  Guitar (Electric), Tambourine, Ensemble Arranger
 1998  Legends of Ireland [Rhino]  Various Artists  Guitar
 1998  Vanguard Sessions: Baez Sings Dylan  Joan Baez  Guitar (Electric)
 1999   Pack up Your Sorrows: Best of Vanguard Years  Richard & Mimi Fariña  Guitar (Electric), Ensemble
 1999  Rock: Train Kept a Rollin'  Various Artists  Guitar
 1999  Songbook [Box Set]  Gordon Lightfoot  Guitar
 1999  Very Best of Tom Rush: No Regrets  Tom Rush  Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar, Guitar (Electric)
 2001  Complete Vanguard Recordings  Richard & Mimi Fariña  Dulcimer, Guitar, Guitar (Electric), Tambourine, Vocals
 2001  Faithful Virtue: The Reprise Recordings   John Sebastian  Tambourine
 2001  Joy to the World/Country Anthem  Hoyt Axton  Organ, Guitar (Acoustic), Fiddle, Guitar (Electric), Tambourine
 2001  Space Songs: A Children's Intergalactical Musical  Hannah Russell  Producer, Synthesizer Arrangements
 2001  Washington Square Memoirs: The Great Urban Folk Boom,  Various Artists  Fiddle, Guitar (Electric)
 2003  Farewell, Angelina [Bonus Tracks]  Joan Baez  Guitar (Electric)
 2003  Best of the Vanguard Years  Buffy Sainte-Marie  Guitar (Electric)
 2003  Carry It On [Bonus DVD]  Peter, Paul and Mary  Guitar
 2003  Martin Scorsese Presents the Blues: Godfathers and Sons  Original Soundtrack  Guitar
 2004  Life Is a Dream  Noel Harrison  Percussion
 2004  Still Grazing  Hugh Masekela  Guitar
   2004 Tranquility: Music for Yoga and Meditation  Various Artists  Tambourine, Bells

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